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At VapeProfy, we believe vaping enthusiasts and industry experts have valuable insights to share with our community. That’s why we welcome vapers, hobbyists, advocates and professionals to contribute articles as guest writers on our platform.

Join our passionate team of contributors and help educate fellow vapers worldwide. We provide a respected stage to showcase your expertise while giving back to the vaping community.

Why Write for VapeProfy?

Share Your Passion

Our readers crave real, human perspectives beyond faceless corporations. By writing for VapeProfy, you can tell your story and bond with vapers over shared interests. Discuss emerging research, analyze industry developments, spotlight local advocacy groups – bring your unique voice to resonate with our community.

Educate Others

With constantly evolving vaping tech and health insights, many newcomers feel overwhelmed navigating the learning curve alone. Our platform allows you to guide novices, debunk dangerous misconceptions, and empower smarter choices industry-wide. Your wisdom protects public health while further legitimizing vaping.

Gain Authority

Position yourself as a thought leader within the global vaping space. As a VapeProfy contributor, your published insights affirm your qualifications and demonstrate your specialized abilities to employers and partners. Our far-reaching platform expands your professional network exponentially.

Topics We Cover

We accept articles on all vaping subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes): Explore different types, models, and features.
  • Vape Mods: Focus on customized and advanced vaping devices.
  • Vape Pods: Cover compact and convenient pod-based systems.
  • Vape Tanks: Discuss tank types, materials, and coil options.
  • Vape Juices (E-liquids): Explore flavors, nicotine levels, and VG/PG ratios.
  • Nicotine Salts: Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of nicotine salts.
  • Vaping Accessories: Cover items like drip tips, batteries, and chargers.
  • DIY Vaping: Discuss making your own e-liquids and coil building.
  • Vape Safety: Address safety precautions and proper usage.
  • Vaping and Health: Examine studies and opinions on health impacts.
  • Vape Shops: Explore different types of stores and online retailers.
  • Vaping Laws and Regulations: Cover regional and international regulations.
  • Vaping Culture: Discuss communities, events, and trends.
  • Vape Tricks: Explore advanced vapor manipulation techniques.
  • Vaping and Fashion: Explore the aesthetic side of vaping.
  • Vape Reviews: Provide reviews of different vaping products.
  • Vape Comparisons: Compare similar products or brands.
  • Vaping and Technology: Explore technological advancements in the vaping industry.
  • Vaping and the Environment: Discuss the ecological impact of vaping.
  • Vaping and Smoking Cessation: Examine the role of vaping in quitting smoking.
  • Vaping in Pop Culture: Explore vaping references in movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Vaping and Weight Loss: Discuss the potential link between vaping and weight management.
  • Vaping and Athletes: Explore the use of vaping in sports and fitness.
  • Vaping and Mental Health: Examine the impact of vaping on stress and anxiety.
  • Vaping and Travel: Discuss regulations and tips for traveling with vaping devices.
  • Vaping and Pets: Explore the potential risks of vaping around pets.
  • Vaping and Beverages: Discuss pairing vaping with different drinks.
  • Vaping and Technology Integration: Explore smart vaping devices and apps.
  • Vaping and Art: Showcase vape-related artistic creations.
  • Vaping and Advocacy: Discuss organizations and movements supporting vaping rights.
  • CBD Vaping: Explore the use of CBD in vaping products.
  • THC Vaping: Discuss the use of THC in vaping for recreational and medicinal purposes.
  • Herbal Vaporizers: Cover devices for vaporizing herbs other than tobacco or cannabis.
  • Nicotine-Free Vaping: Explore options for those who want to vape without nicotine.
  • Vaping and Business: Discuss the economics of the vaping industry.
  • Vaping and Culinary Arts: Explore the incorporation of vape flavors in cooking.
  • Vaping and Science: Dive into the scientific aspects of vaping.
  • Vaping and Virtual Reality: Explore virtual experiences related to vaping.
  • Vaping and Education: Provide educational content on vaping.
  • Vaping and Social Media: Discuss the role of social media in the vaping community.

Guidelines for Contributors

To maximize the impact of your piece, kindly follow these recommendations when crafting submissions:

  1. Length: Aim for 1000-2000 words. Well-researched arguments may warrant extended analysis.
  2. Format: Organize content clearly with section headers and spacious formatting for readability. Provide context before conclusions.
  3. Tone: Write conversationally in an approachable first or second-person perspective. Make complex topics digestible without oversimplifying nuance. Invite thoughtful discourse over definitive judgments.
  4. Multimedia: Include relevant high-res photos, infographics and videos to visually engage readers, when available. Provide proper image credits.
  5. Referencing: Cite any referenced statistics, quotes or insights with links to original sources. Our fact-checking process will verify attribution.
  6. Revision: Expect minor edits from our editorial team related to formatting, style and corrections if necessary. We will seek approval before publishing if changes are substantive.

How to Submit Your Article

If you feel ready to share your expertise with the VapeProfy community, forward your article draft via email with the following:

Email Subject Line: [Your Name] – Article Submission – [working title]

Email Body: Brief bio and article summary

As an attachment or Google Docs link, provide your guest-post draft and optionally suggested images/graphics relevant to the piece. Our team will evaluate your submission against our guidelines and respond within 5 business days.

To submit your draft article for consideration, please email your submission to: master248(at)gmail.com

Once published, we promote every author’s work across our platforms to maximize exposure. You’ll have a permanent profile as valued contributor with opportunities for future collaborations as our connection strengthens.

Join our movement informing vapers worldwide – together we legitimize lifesaving alternatives enhancing public health. Our readers eagerly await your perspectives; the vaping community needs your voice.