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5 Best Sour Vape Juices

Most recommended
Fresh & Sour
  • 120ml
  • Ratio: 70/30
  • Type: Sweets

A good choice too
Juice Head
  • 100ml
  • Ratio: 70/30
  • Fruit, Menthol

A good choice too
Fruit Monster
  • 100ml
  • Ratio: 75/25
  • Type: Fruit

Sour Berry Bomb
  • 60ml
  • Berry Bomb
  • Strawberrie

Strawberry Sour
  • 60ml 100ml
  • 6VG/PG: 70/20
  • 6Strawberry licorice

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Sour Vapes Juices

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65.38% of users selected Fresh & Sour, 4.62% selected Juice Head, 4.62% selected Fruit Monster , 14.62% selected Sour Berry Bomb and 10.77% selected Strawberry Sour. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you’re a vaping enthusiast, then you know how important it is to find the best sour vape juices. The market has exploded with all sorts of flavors to choose from, and finding a good one can be difficult. If you’re looking for something that will taste great and keep your mouth watering, then we recommend checking out the following top five choices!

Fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Ejuice – The Editor’s Choice

Fresh and Sour Strawberry Shocker EjuiceNo, this is not a story about a salt shaker and fresh strawberries. Instead, fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Ejuice will electrify your vape with the sweet candy taste of strawberry jam-packed into a delicious sour syrup.

It is powerful enough to topple mountains, heavenly enough to make clouds rain back down its sweetness onto the ground below!

Summer strawberries are sliced into thick slivers and soaked in a sour liquid, resulting in an intense punch that will make even the most eye-squinching of grimaces happy. In this era where the fruit is all about sweet or dessert tastes, sometimes you just crave something different – offbeat but still delicious!

  • Unique strawberry flavor with a sour twist
  • Perfect for vapers who enjoy sweet and tart flavors combined in the same vape.
  • Unlock the strength of strawberry sour by pairing it with savory snacks like cheese!
  • Not good for those looking specifically for an all-day vape (not very heavy on taste, more tingling)

Juice Head Freeze Strawberry Kiwi Ejuice – The Runner-Up

Juice Head Freeze Strawberry Kiwi EjuiceThis vape takes sour to a whole new level with its delectable kiwi and strawberry blend. The Kiwiberry is tossed together with tart green apple slices in the juicer’s basket – an unusual mix of flavors that makes for one delicious juice!

Perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, this ejuice will keep your taste buds excited about vaping once again.

It’s not hard to love the perfect balance of strawberries and kiwis we’ve worked so hard to achieve in this sweet, tasty blend. Like summer and winter combined into a frosty delight that’ll keep you wanting more, it’s like nothing else on the market. So let us introduce you to your new favorite flavor with Juice Head Freeze!

  • It’s extremely fruity, perfect for vapers who want to feel like they’re biting into a juicy piece of fruit.
  • Not too sweet – the sour flavor helps balance out the overall taste (not overwhelming!)
  • Unique kiwi and strawberry combo that tastes identical to natural fruits!
  • It can be overpowering if you vape more than one bottle in one sitting. Vaping this flavor all day can make your mouth tired or worn out. If you do decide on vaping it non-stop, try mixing with other flavors like peaches or coconut milk while trying not to mix up bottles, so you don’t lose track!

Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ejuice – The Best Sour Vape Juice for Beginners

Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon EjuiceFruit Monster is the perfect ejuice flavor for newbies to vaping, with its delicate blend of sweet and sour that’s not too overwhelming or intense. This vape juice tastes like you’re biting into a juicy piece of fruit! It won’t be harsh on your throat either – which can happen when trying out other flavors in this list due to their intensity.

Start off small before moving up to more powerful choices if necessary.

It not only tastes great but also has a great name. This blueberry raspberry lemon ejuice from Fruit Monster may have a cool name for its flavor, but it’s not just the taste that’ll keep you coming back for more!

  • Perfect for vapers who are just starting out with sour flavors.
  • The taste of this ejuice is not too strong or intense, which can be overwhelming to newbies.
  • Excellent berry flavor that will make you feel like you’re biting into a fresh fruit!
  • A fantastic option if you want something unique but also mild at the same time.
  • A perfect choice for those looking specifically for an all-day vape (perfect blend, won’t wear your throat out!)
  • It tastes exactly as advertised – blueberry raspberry lemon juice!
  • Becomes boring pretty fast due to its lack of intensity and power.

Sour Berry Bomb by VGOD – The Best Sour Vape Juice for Experienced Vapers

Sour Berry Bomb by VGODSour Berry Bomb is a perfect choice if you’re an experienced vaper who’s already tried out many other flavors and is looking to try something new. The flavor of this vape juice takes sour to the next level, with its intense berry explosion that’ll make your taste buds quiver!

This isn’t just another one of those fruity vape juices – it’s so much more than that. Like biting into a sweet candy berry-flavored gummy bear but in vapor form instead! If you were ever curious as to what these would be like, look no further because VGOD has figured out how to capture their essence in ejuice form perfectly.

Sour Berry Bomb is a dream come true for candy lovers everywhere. Hitting strong on sweet, the strawberry fruitiness takes center stage, “drippin it,” you can’t wait to get your hands on this berry bomb from VGOD! So get lost in the tantalizing aroma of strawberries and indulge yourself with a puff or two of this delicious vape juice.

The balance between sweet and sour leaves you are feeling refreshed and satisfied with a hint of tartness that lingers at the end of every satisfying drag.

  • It tastes just like candy berry-flavored gummy bears!
  • Awesome choice if you’re a fan of sweet flavors.
  • Perfect for those looking to get away from sour vape juices that tend to be too overpowering or intense on the throat.
  • A great option for vapers who want something unique but mild at the same time.
  • Too sweet for some vapers who aren’t fans of its candy-like taste.

Strawberry Sour Straws Iced E-Juice by Bazooka

Strawberry Sour Straws Iced E-Juice by BazookaTake a walk in the park with this refreshing strawberry sour straws iced ejuice from Bazooka – it’s one of our best vape juice flavors when you’re feeling too hot and tired. The flavor is exactly as advertised, resembling sweet-and-tart treats that’ll keep your taste buds guessing!

There are two different ways to get down on this stuff: enjoy vaping it straight up or add some ice cubes if you want something even more cool and refreshing. Either way, deliciousness awaits just around the corner! Of course, you can’t go wrong, either way, so whether you prefer warm or cold strawberries (or both!), we’ve got everything covered here at Bazooka Ejuice.

Strawberry Sour Straws Iced E-Juice by Bazooka takes children’s favorite candy and blends it with our favorite flavors. A combination of menthol, strawberry, licorice, and sugar has never tasted so good! The refreshing menthol provides a sweet hit while the sweet flavor of strawberry still stands out. It will definitely be some experience that leaves you coming back for more without giving up the kick!

  • A perfect choice for those who want a refreshing vape juice that will also leave you feeling cool and refreshed.
  • Great for vapers looking to switch up their usual routine of vaping or anyone with a sweet tooth craving something new!
  • Awesome option if you’re after candy-like flavors but don’t necessarily think they should be overpoweringly sweet either.
  • The flavor is too mild for some vapers, which means it’ll eventually get boring pretty quickly compared to other options on the market.

Buyer’s Guide

What Do You Need to Know?

Sour vape juice is one of the most popular options for vapers looking to add a little pep in their step. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or just testing out the waters, there’s nothing quite like vaping on something new and unique – not only will it leave your taste buds feeling refreshed, but it’ll also help keep things interesting! If you haven’t already tried a sour ejuice, then now might be the perfect time to do so with our list of best choice flavors right here at Bazooka E-Juice. There are tons of great sour vape juice review choices available from brands across all types of niches ranging from classic candy styles to more exotic takes that blow everything else away.


How do you make sour vape juice?

The mixture of sour flavors in vape juice is actually quite simple. For a balanced blend, you’ll need to balance the sweet and tart elements perfectly until they’re just right, depending on your personal preference. There’s nothing too complicated about it – if you’ve ever made candy or cake before, then this should be a walk in the park for sure!

Sour vape juices are known for their intense tongue-tingling taste, but how long does it last? Is there an aftertaste?

There tends to be an initial burst of flavor when vaping sour ejuice, which can sometimes cause some vapers to get overwhelmed by its intensity (especially newbies). The good news is that these strong bursts tend not to stay around forever unless otherwise specified by the brand – there shouldn’t be an aftertaste, so you won’t have to worry about that!

Are sour vape juices considered one of the best ejuice flavors? Why or why not?

Yes, most vapers agree that they are either among their favorite tastes or at least deserve a spot on this list. However, you can get creative with these blends and come up with something totally unique every time you’re looking for something different. Sour is also perfect for summertime vaping, which means it’ll quickly become your go-to flavor when temperatures start rising again in no time flat!

Why is my vape sour?

It could be due to a number of factors, including heat and time. Your e-juice’s unpleasant flavor is typically not related to the liquid you choose. Unclean tanks usually cause the foul taste of your e-liquid. Make it a habit to clean your tank once a week to prevent dust, grime, and caramelized sugar particles from accumulating.

If your vape juice is too sour for you, then it’s probably because the flavorings are unbalanced. This can happen with any brand of ejuice, but especially if they’re new to making them or using something that isn’t particularly well-known (e.g., natural ingredients). There could also be an issue with how long it has been since you last changed out your coil, which might cause some strange flavors to come through – try getting a fresh head and see what happens!

Why does my vape juice taste harsh?

If you’re experiencing a harsh taste from your vape juice, then it’s probably because the nicotine content is too high for you. If this happens, try going down to a lower strength or using something that isn’t as potent (e.g., vaping with an RDA instead of a sub-ohm tank since they usually use more powerful coils). You can also mix in some other flavors like menthol if you want – sometimes minty ejuice works great at covering up harsher tastes!

Useful Video: Sour Vapes (DIY Eliquid Mixing Tips)

Final Words

In conclusion, sour vape juices are a fantastic way to keep things interesting, and they quickly become some of your favorite vapes. There’s no need to worry about choosing the right flavor either since you can easily mix and match different tastes or just try something new altogether for an entirely unique vaping experience! If you’re looking for our more specific suggestions, then be sure to check out any one of these best choice flavors – we doubt you’ll regret it at all!

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us. We’re always eager to hear from our readers, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible since the best way for us to help! Thanks again, and vape on everyone!