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How to Charge a Vuse Without a Charger?

How to Charge a Vuse Without a Charger?

A brief historical disclaimer

Have you ever heard of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates? The one who was forced to drink a cup of poison by a court sentence? So, he had a terribly grumpy wife who even beat him. Everyone in Athens knew about it. And then one day a young man came to the philosopher and asked whether he should marry. To which Socrates replied: “Marry, my friend, in any case. If you get a bad wife, you will become a philosopher. If you get a bad wife, then you will be an exception.”

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I remember this historical anecdote every time I am asked how you can charge Vuse if you do not have a proprietary charger?

So you’ve probably seen a lot of viral videos of e-cigarette batteries exploding, right? You have heard many stories of vape devices hopelessly spoiled by such attempts to immediately bring them into working order instead of waiting until a certified charger is at hand? You know that in case you ruin the battery in this way, you, at the very least, will have to buy a new device, because you will violate the warranty rules – and still you wonder how you can shove a wire of an appropriate color into the exact hole just in order to see the cherished green light on your device?

Vuse Vapor

Ok, this is your decision. As Socrates would say if instead of drinking a kind of deadly shit, he had a chance to switch from cigarettes to vape: “My friend, stick the wires into your device anyway. If the battery explodes, you will go to YouTube, where you will become the hero of a viral video. If all goes well, you can puff a few more times before you get to the house, where a safe charger is waiting for you”.

In short, if you do decide to experiment with your Vuse, your wallet, and the room in which you are located together with your Vuse, and your wallet – welcome to the world of extreme solutions. However, I strongly advise you to prepare appropriately for this event.

Necessary preparations

  1. Prepare a good video camera or at least a phone for filming. Make sure that the spot where the Vuse charging experiment without the proprietary charger will take place is well lit. If possible, remove old socks and beer cans away from the camera’s eye. You may hang a poster with a recognizable symbol on the wall – who knows, what if after this video you will become a YouTube star? So take care in advance to not be confused with anyone else who did the same and also put his video report on YouTube.
  2. Prepare an escape route, open the lock in advance and remove the chain from the door – who knows, maybe you have to urgently evacuate so as not to run into firefighters, neighbors, and the landlord.
  3. Look for a good phone charger lead. Leave your smartphone alone with its wire for a while. Be delicate, let them say goodbye because this is their last meeting, they will never meet again.
  4. Prepare a sharp knife and ask yourself again: are you sure you want to do this? No doubts at all? Well, then let’s get started and remember, we warned you.
  5. Don’t forget to turn on the camera. If the result doesn’t work out, you can share on YouTube the clip “How NOT to charge your Vuse if you don’t have a branded charger.”

Ready, steady, go!

  1. Take the wire from the phone charger and ruthlessly cut off USB-C, micro USB, or Lightning (depending on the model of your smartphone, which will now be left without power).
  2. Carefully cut the sheath of the wire and pull out from the middle the two thin wires that used to lead to the charge of the connector from which your phone was charged.
  3. If you’re lucky, these two wires will turn out to be black and red.
  4. Carefully strip the insulation off about half an inch so that you have two exposed contacts.
  5. Hold your Vuse so that the charge light and brand name are on top.
  6. Still carefully insert the red wire into the middle orifice on the end of your Vuse, and the black wire into the hole to the left of the center one. Remember that while doing this, the charge light and your vape’s brand name are on top, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  7. Well, if everything worked out correctly, the green indicator should light up. announcing that charging has begun and soon, very soon you will be able to vape again with your beloved Vuse. Well, while charging is in progress, keep it all – your vaper and both wires in your hands, and try not to shake them – sudden interruptions in the flow of charge will not make your device healthier.

Vuse Vaporizer

I hope you haven’t forgotten to turn on the camera? If everything went right, you can, like a real expert, share tips on how not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to vape at any time, even if you forgot the charger from your Vuse at home. Well, if nothing works out (this is the best case), or the battery explodes, then the video (unless the camera is damaged in the explosion) will still serve you well. After all, now you can competently teach the consequences of trying to do without certified Vuse charging and even to become a certified expert in this niche. Who knows, probably you’ll even be invited to TED with lectures. After all, everybody deserves his 15 minutes of glory.