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How to Reset Suorin Air Battery?

How to Reset Suorin Air Battery

Teacher: “And now children, tell me what it is: it works for two months and breaks down?”
Children (in unison): “Suorin Air!”

What can I say, answering the question in the title of this article? First of all, I can try to give you some pieces of advice due to my own experience. Write it down or bookmark the whole article!

Some creative ideas from the personal experience

  • Try to call friends to play cards, say that you have no money, bet your Suorin Air, and lose it, even if you have a Royal flush in your hands.
  • You can, for instance, present it to your enemy, pretending that you want to make peace with him. You will benefit from this in two ways. Firstly, you will be delighted to see how he suffers from this device and spends money buying new pods for it. Secondly, when he finally despairs and throws it away, you can tell him with resentment: “Well, I see how much you appreciate my gifts!” And part with him, this time forever.
  • Another great idea: you can get revenge on your ex! You don’t have to knot the windshield wipers on his car, as Martin Scorsese’s wife did when she left, or bother yourself with some other action that, moreover, may well lead to a meeting with his lawyers. Just bestow him your Suorin Air for goodbye – and enjoy knowing what hellish torments he has to go through every day, trying to get this device to just turn on.

A few statistics and a couple of useless considerations

By the way, did you know that in the US, at least 30 percent of food (some researchers even say 70 percent!) Is it thrown through the refrigerator? That is, people go to the store, pay money there for various products, bring them home, burning a couple of gallons of gasoline along the way, shove it all in the refrigerator, wait for the food to deteriorate, and then carry them to the garbage cans.

It always seemed to me that this process could be greatly simplified. For example, you can calculate how much you are going to spend on food that you will just are supposed to throw away, add the cost of gasoline to this sum, then just take and burn this money without leaving your home. And spend the free time usefully. For example, once again try to turn on your Suorin Air, then read this article and choose the most appropriate advice from it on how to get rid of this device.

Of course, if you google this question, you will surely find several dozen links on this topic. Half of these links will take you to forums, where half of the visitors complain that their Suorin Air is not working, and the other half responds to them: “We have exactly the same bullshit, you throw this piece of crap and buy something better.”

The other half of the links lead to written and video recommendations, which all boil down to more or less one triple thing:

  • Сheck if your device is turned on?
  • Disassemble it and clean it.
  • Change pod.

Did it not help? We knew it! Change Suorin Air.

I wonder am I the only one who sees commonalities between such kind of solution for Suorin Air and the food’s route: from the supermarket – through the fridge – to the city dump?

I recently read about an interesting psychological experiment. Two rats were put in cages and constantly put into a state of stress – they were shocked, watered with cold water, starved to death… Can you imagine the state of poor animals! At the same time, one rat had a stick that she could gnaw – either taking out anger and resentment on it or simply distracting herself from suffering. The second rat did not have such a stick.

So, it turned out that the first rat (the one with the stick) experienced stress more easily than the second, which had nothing but stress at all, not even a stick.

Why am I saying all this? Because my personal experience of using Suorin Air clearly says: this is one continuous stress. But if instead of gnawing a stick, we begin to disassemble our device (which, in fact, if you haven’t noticed, is designed so that no one can disassemble it, that’s why it’s so cheap), change pods, and read suggestions on how it’s better to do it, then it seems like it will be easier for us to endure the stress for which we ourselves paid when we went to the store and bought Suorin Air.

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Here is the stick

Well, well, if you still need to disassemble a device that was not intended for disassembly and only then make sure that it was easier to throw it away, here is a step-by-step instruction for you.

  • Anyway, check if your Suorin Air is properly charged. The fact is that it has no intermediate period. Well, you know, when it is fully charged, then it starts to run out of charge, but it still somehow works, albeit not at full strength, and only then it finally turns off. There are only two options here: works / doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t work anyway? This means that I will have to disassemble it (although the design of the case does not imply such operations). Disconnect the pod, take a long screwdriver, and from this – uneven – side, push the contents of the Suorin Air out of the case. Most likely, as a result, small details will fly in different directions, try not to lose them. Thoroughly wipe everything you can reach from the liquid. Pay attention to the contacts, if they are oxidized, clean them.
  • Put everything back together and try to turn it on. Works? You’re lucky. If not, try changing the pod, some people who were in such a situation say it might help.
  • If replacing the pod did not help, you have two options: if you are a masochist, head to a store for a new Suorin Air, and at the same time, please, be aware that in approximately two months everything will be repeated with the same result. Also, you may go to a store, but this time to look for something better.

However, there is still a third way to get rid of such problems forever: just quit smoking (or vaping if you like this definition more).