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How To Fill a Vape Tank?

Electronic cigarettes with cartomizers are easy to use – just change cartridges. But tank atomizers give more flavor and steam and are called clearomizers. Depending on the design of such an e-cigarette, the refueling is fed from the bottom, from the top, or directly onto the wick (drip). If you want your electronic cigarette to serve you for a long time study in detail the mechanism of operation of modern vapes, and handle them as carefully as possible.

How To Fill a Vape Tank

When you refuel the tank for the first time many questions and difficulties can arise. Make sure that the vaping liquid does not leak into the contact parts to avoid breaking the gadget. Do not store the device horizontally with a full tank. The specifics of refueling a vape depends on which e-cigarette model you have chosen.

There are three most common methods

  • Disassemble and take the cartridge out of the tank. With tweezers take out the absorbent element. Hold the piece at a slight angle and fill in the container with the liquid slowly by about ¾. Return the fixing element to its place, and fix the structure securely. Put the cartridge back, turn on the vape, and do a test puff. If the refueling gets into your mouth when you inhale, you have gone too far with the amount. Correct the situation by taking out the cartridge and wiping it dry with a napkin.
  • Prepare the tools in advance. Get a thick-needle syringe from your local drugstore. Draw the required amount of liquid into the syringe and carefully pour it into the container, it is important to fill the entire space. You can use this syringe many times, just rinse and dry it, sterility does not matter, in this case.
  • Another option for refueling a vape is very similar to the first, but more suitable for liquids without a dispenser. Mix the liquid and pour it with a pipet. Hold the vape vertically and drop the liquid directly into the container. You don’t have to pull out the absorbent element, just drip on top of it. A full refill is 15-20 drops depending on the model of the electronic cigarette and the type of cartridge.

As for disposable e-cigarettes, you cannot refuel them. Though experienced users can argue that, but it is much easier to buy a new device.

How to understand when it’s time to refuel a vape

Do not add liquid after each vaping. Not to harm the device, figure out when it is time to add liquid. If you just bought a vape and are starting the first test, do not refuel the device. As a rule, new vapes already contain liquid, and adding more can result in an overabundance. Excess oil will get into your mouth when vaping, and create noticeable discomfort.

How to understand when it's time to refuel a vape

The first sign that it is high time to refuel the vape is a small amount of steam. There is a lot of smoke during vaping. If its density has decreased several times, the oil in the container is coming to an end and it’s time to add a new portion.

Another sign is an unpleasant burning taste when vaping. It signals that the absorbent and other internal components have begun to burn. Such overheating is very dangerous for the device, so do not bring the vape to such a state.

How many refills does a cartridge stand

Cartridges for electronic cigarettes do not last forever, they have a very short useful life. One cartridge is enough for 15-20 refills depending on the model. Change cartridges on time if you want your vape to serve long. Remember that “worn out” cartridges can seriously harm your health and your e-cigarette, as the liquid begins to spill out due to the reduced resistance of the absorbent element.

Keep track of the approximate number of refills made, and your vape will always work great. If you decide to change the taste of the liquid, it is also considered a “recharge”. Do not use a vape that needs refueling.

How to refuel the clearomizer

A clearomizer is a construction consisting of an atomizer and a standard cartridge. The heating element is hidden inside the vape and wrapped with padding polyester. There are two ways to refuel the clearomizer.

  • Use a syringe with a thick needle. This refueling option is the simplest and cleanest. Draw less liquid than your cartomizer holds, fill the container, pouring the liquid gently along the walls, immerse the needle to the very bottom.
  • Repeat everything on both sides so that the absorbent element is evenly saturated. Apply half of a syringe on each side. Do not start vaping right away, let the cartomizer stand for a while and absorb all the liquid.
  • Remove the plug from the vape mouthpiece and pour the required amount of liquid directly into the hole. While refueling, keep the device tilted so that the refueling is not poured into the center hole.

The vaporizer is the heart of the atomizer. A vaporizer is a part of an electronic cigarette where a heated coil with a wick threaded into it contacts the liquid. The coil heats up and heats a small portion of the liquid on the wick – this is how steam is formed, which the vaper inhales.

How to fill 4 types of vape

1 Top filling

Refueling from the top is the most convenient because the atomizer does not need to be unscrewed from the mod. A similar system is used in 80% of the models. Unscrew the top cap counterclockwise, or remove the top cap if it is held only by silicone seals.

Vaoe Juice

Pour liquid along the inner wall of the tank up to the upper division. The division is marked on the flask with a stripe or the symbol “Max”. If the e-cigarette is made in two colors, this function is performed by the place where one shade gives way to the second. Screw on the cap, wait and start using.

In the case of top filling, the liquid is supplied through special slots. There are always two of them – one for filling in, and the other for removing excess air. If they are too small, use a dropper or a bottle with a fine tip.

2 Top cap and side filling

The sliding top cap in atomizers allows you to open the tank, fill it, and close it without losing the cap. Move the top cap, fill the tank like other top-fill ones. Slide the cap back into place until it locks. The same principle is used for refueling from the side.

3 Bottom filling

It is suitable for most bottom-mounted vaporizers. Turn the clearomizer mouthpiece down, unscrew the base and fill the e-liquid between the air duct and the bulb, up to the top mark on the bulb. Screw the clearomizer back, wait 2-3 minutes. The electronic cigarette is filled and ready to use.

4 Drip filling

The drip design conveys taste better due to the different structure of the evaporation chamber. Bigger dome and duct diameter, more airflow, more steam produced – these factors give a richer taste in a drip atomizer. When the liquid comes out of the tank automatically, the aroma is somewhat lubricated, no matter what to fill. The RDA atomizer does not have a container for liquid – you have to vape only on what the cotton wick has soaked in.

Fill a Vape Pen

Drip refilling is a process where a vaper drops liquid directly onto a wick or coil from a pipet or bottle. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 pulls. Refueling is done through a wide drip tip without the need to remove it every time or unscrew the atomizer from the mod. Drip filling is getting displaced. The novelties provide for a “bath” or “well”. These channels act partially as a tank.

Why does the electronic cigarette taste bitter?

If there is little liquid, or it is too thick and does not have time to soak the wick, organic cotton burns and gives a characteristic burnt aftertaste. Running dry will damage the evaporator. Therefore, it is so important to refuel the electronic cigarette on time and select the right liquid.

What can be used to refuel an electronic cigarette?

Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a composition based on vegetable glycerin, pharmaceutical propylene glycol, flavors, and nicotine. Do not pour tap water, alcoholic drinks, juices, or tea inside. Steam will fail and the evaporator will break. If you want to save money, do self-mixing, as all components are on sale, but it is time-consuming.

What can be used to refuel an electronic cigarette?

General tips on how to properly refuel an electronic cigarette

  • Pour the refueling carefully along the side of the tank without getting into the duct shaft.
  • If you change the taste, replace a wick before filling the e-cigarette if it is a serviced vaporizer. If it is a replacement coil, thoroughly moisten a cotton swab through all fluid ports. Saturate the cotton filler when you screw in a new coil or after a long break in use.
  • Sealing silicone rings (o-rings) are provided at the joints of the lid with the main part of the atomizer. Make sure they are intact, as they prevent liquid from spilling out.
  • After you have finished filling the e-cigarette, wait for 3-5 minutes. The liquid will saturate the wick well and you will not get a burning taste.


Refueling a vape is not as difficult as it seems, difficulties can arise only at the first attempts. To avoid problems in the operation of the device, learn how and what the electronic cigarettes are filled with. The whole procedure requires carefulness and a little patience.