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How To Charge a Vape Pen Without a Charger?

How to Charge a Vape Pen Without a Charger

You can use a vape only with a charged battery. For the long-term operation of the steam generator, you have to charge the galvanic cell correctly. Under normal conditions, the battery can be charged with the power supply. But how to charge the device without a charger?

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It’s time to charge the device

Make sure the battery is empty. When the indicator light is missing or blinking, less steam is being produced, or none at all, it means the battery is dead. During the first run of the battery, the device must be charged 2 times longer than usual, from full discharge to full charge. For trouble-free vaping monitor the battery level.

It's time to charge the device

The battery volume affects the time and method of recharging. Choose the battery taking into account the number of smoked cigarettes. The time to fill the battery varies. Small-capacity galvanic cells are charged for about 2 hours, larger ones – five.

How to charge electronic cigarettes without a power supply unit

Rechargeable batteries are easier to charge. They can be charged with the charger included (there is nothing complicated there: just plug it in and charge it for the required time). USB-adapter or adapter from the phone (the phone adapter must be 3.7V)will also do(Connect it to both the device and the computer at the same time. Disconnect the evaporator.).

Center connector 510

This type of charging is rapidly becoming obsolete, it has been extremely common and has been used quite successfully. The 510 connector charges eGo format electronic cigarettes.

The advantages are the absence of additional holes and joints on the case of the power supply and its compact size.

The disadvantage is the need to disassemble the device every time it is charged. A special charger is required. You can’t use the device while charging.

Micro-USB connector

Most modern e-cigarette power supplies are charged via the micro-USB connector, which features versatility and availability.

Almost everyone has a cable with a micro-USB connector. You don’t have to disassemble the device to charge it. Many devices with a micro-USB connector have a vaping function while charging.

Not all devices powered by more than one 18650 battery can be recharged in this way.

Charging batteries in an external device

Most of the electronic boards installed in e-cigarette mods with a capacity of 150 watts or more can’t cope with charging the batteries inside the device, as charging two or three 18650 batteries can overheat and burn the board. Therefore, even if there is a micro-USB connector in such an electronic mod, you have to charge its batteries in an external charger. Some manufacturers specifically include in the instructions a clause that says “The micro-USB connector is intended exclusively for software updates”.

Charging vape pen

An external charger, equipped with the necessary electronics, recharges the battery correctly and increases its life.

This charging method requires an outlet, which is not always convenient. The devices are relatively large and inconvenient to carry with you.

How do I charge my e-cigarette?

The charging method depends on the specific model of the Vape device. Modern battery mods and e-cigarettes with built-in rechargeable batteries can only be charged via the micro-USB connector. Charging the batteries of electronic mods without a micro-USB connector (or if the connector is not intended for charging) is carried out only in an external charger.

The most important question concerns battery mods for two or more batteries that have a USB connector for charging. As mentioned above, it is possible to charge batteries inside such devices, but not safe, both for the devices and for you.

Before charging the device, study all the information about your device, which is in the instructions and on the manufacturer’s official website.

How do I charge my e-cigarette

Usually, if the vape is equipped with a charging connector and has a power of 100 watts or higher, the manufacturer himself recommends charging the batteries separately, despite the built-in charging system.

Do not try to charge a disposable e-cigarette. As practice has shown, this can cause damage to your health and property! Disposable e-cigarette must be disposed of after use!

Single Battery Mod: USB or External Charging?

Devices powered by a single 18650 battery with a quick battery change can confuse a newbie in vaping. The control electronics of small vape devices for one battery can cope with its recharge from almost any USB and it is not necessary to buy an external charger. However, if you want to vape non-stop, it is certainly best to buy another battery and charge it externally to extend its service life. Using the device while charging (the so-called passthrough function), although extremely convenient, somewhat reduces the life of your battery.

What if I don’t have a charger?

Carry a micro USB cable with you if your vape device has an appropriate connector. The modern world is filled with various gadgets with a USB socket, and if you have a cable with you, connect to any device that has a voltage return function. Remember that the charging current must not exceed 1 Ampere!

What if I don't have a charger

If you use a mechanical mod, the only way out is to carry an additional battery or even several with you, since mechanical modes consume a large amount of energy. Always refer to the manufacturer’s official instructions before charging your e-cigarette. This is the guarantee of your safety and long service life of the vape device.


The battery is the most important part of a vape device. Thanks to it your vape pen works and creates steam. The correct use of the battery will prolong its life and provide maximum comfort in daily use.