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How to Reset Smok Alien to Factory Settings?

How to Reset Smok Alien to Factory Settings

The invention of electronic cigarettes gave no less impetus to technological progress in society than all the technological breakthroughs of Elon Musk taken together. The Internet is bursting at the seams from the original technical solutions that users of various vape models share with each other. Since manufacturers clearly can’t even imagine such treatment with their products, users have to independently find a way out of the dead ends where their devices are constantly striving to drive them.

This is exactly the case with a seemingly simple task: assembling the SMOK Alien to factory settings. You wouldn’t find a word in the official manuals from the manufacturer on how to carry out this operation. And geniuses from the depths of the vapers have to invent homemade but efficient means themselves. And – most surprisingly – they work! I say: Elon Musk looks for employees for the mission to Mars in the wrong places.

The technology that I’m going to describe now looks like a kind of magic. I have no idea what could have prompted the people who found this solution to collect all these strange moves in such a sequence for the first time. However, the fact remains that this shamanism works.

By the way, catch a bonus to the main text, I am sharing a business idea. Today it is almost impossible to find anywhere an explanatory video or at least a clear description of the process of the hard reset of SMOK Alien. So if you hurry up and shoot your own video in English, you can promote your video blog just on this clip.

Get ready for the magic

Just promise not to laugh and exclaim, “Whaaaat?”. Believe me, I have already done this for each of you individually and for all of you together. So…

  1. Turn your SMOK Alien upside down with the battery cover facing up.
  2. Keeping the cover open (you can hold it with your finger), and at the same time press both adjusting buttons.
  3. Now, your hands and your SMOK Alien are in such a position: with two fingers (most likely the thumbs of both hands) you press the buttons, and the index finger of your right hand (or left if you are left-handed) holds the battery cover open … Is that correct? Okay.
  4. Still holding the buttons, close the cover with your index finger until it clicks so that it does not open spontaneously during further actions. Thus, your device will begin to receive power. Therefore, if the lid does not close tightly and your SMOK Alien suddenly turns off in the middle of the process, it is unlikely that further resuscitation measures will be able to bring this brick back to life.
  5. A few seconds after the power starts to feed the device, the screen turns on. You will see letters and numbers flickering on it, and then it will ask if you want to hard reset your SMOK Alien and return to factory settings.
  6. Click the button corresponding to the “Yes” answer. The screen will reload again, and you will see a new heaven and a new earth. Or at least a ready-to-use device – fresh, as if you had just removed the original packaging from it.
  7. Please note that some SMOK Alien models may require a permanent power connection. Then you will probably have to ask someone for help. Connect the USB cable with one end to the device, hold down the buttons and let the one who is assisting you plug the other end of the cable into the charger or into the computer.
  8. In this case, you should take out the batteries, and instead of manipulating with the opening and closing the battery compartment cover, ensure the connection to the power source via a USB cable. The principle is the same: while you are holding down both settings buttons (do not forget, this must be done before turning the device on!), somebody attaches the cable to a power source.
  9. By the way, connecting to a computer can provide additional benefits. If you connected your SMOK Alien before, not only in charging mode, but also as a new device, then the computer will most likely remember it and recognize it when you turn it on. It all depends on the specific model and the firmware number. In this case, you can immediately update the firmware to the latest version.
  10. In general, if the firmware of your SMOK Alien supports connection to a computer (and this makes sense to check as soon as you bring your purchase home from the store), then you can do all you need without all the above-described tambourine dances.
  11. I repeat: since the SMOK Alien is a pretty reliable device (of course, if you bought a branded item and not a fake like a “real Rolex” for a hundred bucks), most problems can be solved with a computer and firmware update. The manufacturer is aware of the bugs that may arise in this or that releases and tries to fix them quickly in new versions. Therefore, try to start with a civilized method of treating your device. The prescription and dosage you will find in the official manual.

And one more for the road

So, we already face the final curtain. Just let me say a few words about firmware. My friends, I’ll say it clearly: people who have tried Joyetech firmware on their own devices recommend it for installation. They say that it not just fixes software drawbacks, but also significantly enhances the capabilities of your SMOK Alien.

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Who would have thought until recently that our toothbrushes would connect to the wireless Internet themselves to update their software? Who could have imagined that in order to calmly smoke, we would first need to into a forum and look for a technical solution for lighting a cigarette? Well, this is our nowadays’ reality. And if we live in it, then maybe it makes sense for the beginning to try to fix the problems that arise technologically and only then resort to shamanic practices?

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