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How Long Does a JUUL Pod Last?

How Long Does a JUUL Pod Last?

If you consider buying JUUL, you might be asking how long one JUUL Pod lasts. How often should you change the pods and whether is it more profitable to buy regular cigarettes? Here you can find the answers to those questions and even more information about the JUUL usage experience.

What is JUUL Pod?

The JUUL device is a small-sized vaporizer, which vaporizes the liquid with the help of an electric heater. There are 2 other parts adjoin to the JUUL device: the JUUL pod and battery. Here we concentrate more on the pod part of JUUL, but it is clear that all parts are interconnected. So, in order for the JUUL device to work properly, you should always remember one thing – charge the battery, so the steam will be drawn powerfully enough. And vice versa, be careful to change the pod as soon as the substance has run out.

The pod part of the JUUL device is the place where the smoking substances are located, and it is also a mouthpiece. Every pod is all set, so there is no need for additional settings – it is enough to insert it into the JUUL device.

The JUUL Pod Composition

As the JUUL device was created for smoking people who want to give up smoking easily, there is no need to manufacture a lot of tastes. The JUUL company offers only two different tastes: Virginia Tobacco and Menthol. Virginia Tobacco cartridges have a rich flavor with a smooth finish. The menthol ones are incredibly fresh traditional menthol flavor with a lively aftertaste.

Aside from the taste, the JUUL smoker has an option to choose the capacity of nicotine. Each JUUL cartridge contains about 0.7 mL with 3.0 or 5.0 percent nicotine by weight. Approximately, it is 23 mg (3%) and 40 mg (5%) of nicotine per pod at the time of production. It depends on your smoking preferences which one to choose. In case you are an avid smoker who needs one pack for a day, you should probably try a stronger one, which is 5.0%. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will not get enough nicotine, which will increase your liquid consumption. So, the usage of one pod will last you for very little time. But in case 5.0% is too much for you, try 3.0% pod, so you find what works best for you.

Altogether, the JUUL pods contain 4 substances:

  • Nicotine;
  • Benzoic Acid;
  • Propylene Glycol and Glycerine;
  • Flavor;

Let’s sort it all out in order.


Vaporizers, like JUUL, Logic, or Joint use salt nicotine. Manufacturers have been making synthetic nicotine, which is similar in composition and effect to natural nicotine. It is diluted with other substances to get a liquid that is used in classic vapes and e-cigarettes. When this was figured out, nicotine salt vape technology was patented. They are called pod-systems because the nicotine salts are stored in little cartridges called pods.

The main disadvantage of classic vapes is that you need to smoke a lot to be satisfied because the glycerin vapor and liquid nicotine have large molecules that are slowly absorbed into the blood. Because of this, you have to smoke a lot and often. But now the manufacturers of JUUL and other similar e-cigarettes have started adding acids to nicotine. Nicotine salts are formed from them. The advantage with nicotine salts is that they have smaller molecules that are absorbed into the bloodstream much faster – almost the same as nicotine from natural tobacco.

Benzoic Acid

This is an ingredient which function is to interact with nicotine – together it helps to get a feeling which is similar to a satisfaction from cigarette. Benzoic acid lowers the pH and alkalinity of the liquid. As a result, the salt liquid vaporizes more smoothly at higher nicotine concentrations.

Propylene Glycol and Glycerin

Their main function is to make vapor. These are clear substances, which are used in almost all e-liquids. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerin (VG) could be used separately. Both substances have their pros and cons, so the producers decided to mix them to get a perfect formula. Even so, there are a lot of PG / VG combinations.

Propylene glycol in e-cigarettes ensures good transport of nicotine-containing vapor into the respiratory tract and lungs. It has an intense aroma and a significant throat „hit”. In addition, it takes less time to achieve boiling. Propylene glycol is also a binder – it connects the components of the liquid.

Glycerin affects the quality of the vapor heavily – it becomes thicker and tastes richer. This ingredient often contains the flavor of the plant from which it is derived. This is why VG gives a sweeter vapor compared to PG. So, the steam gets a pleasant, sweet flavor.


As described earlier in this article, the JUUL producers offer two flavors. One pod consists of a mix of natural and artificial flavors.

Can I Refill the JUUL Pods?

A lot of JUUL users are wondering if it is possible to refill the pods. And it is absolutely clear why the question arises. Since the company offers two flavors only, it is easy to get bored with those flavors quickly. It would be perfect for someone to be able to use the fluids this person likes. It also might be cheaper to mix and pour your own liquid than to buy a pod one every time.

Since the JUUL manufacturer emphasizes that the cartridge is non-refillable and disposable, it is clear that JUUL is not designed to be refilled. Even so, it is possible. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove the top part (mouthpiece) of the JUUL pod. The mouthpiece is attached to the cartridge with two retainers on both sides. To do this you may need improvised means, for example, a small nail file, which can lift the plastic part of the pod. Be careful to not break the mouthpiece, as it can easily crack;
  2. Remove the rubber. This part is the easy one. The rubber is not fixed, so you can remove it with your fingers, or you can use a toothpick. It can be pulled out very easily by inserting a toothpick into the hole at the end of the rubber and pulling.
  3. Refill the cartridge with salt nicotine liquid. You can buy a ready-made nicotine mixture, or you can make it yourself with individual ingredients. While pouring the liquid, it is important to fill both sides with the cartridge evenly. There is a spacer inside the cartridge that limits the flow of liquid on each side. Also, do not pour liquid into the metal tube, it’s there to conduct air.
  4. Insert the rubber. After the cartridge is completely filled with new liquid, reinsert the rubber so that it fits snugly against the top of the cartridge. When inserting the rubber, be sure to put it on the correct side.
  5. Insert the mouthpiece. The last step is to place the mouthpiece on the pod. Make sure it clicks into place. Completely wipe down the cartridge.

Here’s how you can refill a pod yourself. But again, it is not recommended to do so. There is no option to do this forever as the wicks and cotton burn out. It is not very pleasant to inhale the smoke from burnt wicks. So, you can continue the life of the pod for just a few days.

Comparison of JUUL Liquid and Regular Liquid

As it was mentioned, the JUUL pods are filled with salt nicotine. It has some differences from regular nicotine.

General differences

The basic idea is that liquids based on salt nicotine help you get satisfied with smoking faster. Also, salt nicotine stays in the body longer than regular nicotine. Salt nicotine might have slightly different characteristics depending on the manufacturer, the raw material used, and the proportions mixed with other substances. Salt nicotine differs from regular in the level of pH and volatility. The first one has lower rates, which is similar to the pH in the lungs and blood. Because of the similar acidity, salt nicotine is absorbed by the human body very well, so there is no discomfort when puffing.

It should be noted that the salt nicotine has its best qualities only when using pod systems like the JUUL one.


The chemical composition of liquids is different. You cannot make a liquid with saline nicotine yourself, using the same amount of taste as for the usual one. Furthermore, you will have to recalculate the fractions of all the ingredients. If you calculate the proportions incorrectly, liquids with salt nicotine may not taste as rich as those with regular nicotine.

As for the taste of already mixed saline solution, there are no foreign flavors. The taste of salts can be felt only in the case when you smoke a liquid with a high concentration of flavorings. Depending on the manufacturer, the flavor may feel clearer.


When heated, salts are more active in depositing on the winding than the components of regular nicotine. Because of this salt, nicotine-based liquids contaminate the vaporizer faster.

Pros of salt nicotine

In addition to rapid absorption by the body and the ability to satisfy nicotine cravings in a couple of puffs, salt nicotine has several other advantages:

  • Low fluid consumption – you can get satisfied with a few puffs, so there is no need for large tanks of liquid;
  • A small amount of steam allows you to smoke without disturbing others;
  • The speed of absorption is close to tobacco cigarettes, which is very suitable for those who quit smoking;
  • No aftertaste.

Cons of salt nicotine

Salt nicotine has its disadvantages as well:

  • Accelerated addiction for non-smokers – those who do not have an addiction should not try salt liquids;
  • When consuming large amounts of it provokes an increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate, and breathing after vaping;
  • The vapor is drier than in the liquids with regular nicotine;
  • Less vapor. This was an advantage, but it also can be a disadvantage for those who care about big and thick puffs of vapor.

How Long Does One JUUL Pod last?

The life duration of one JUUL pod depends on how much you smoke. Some people need only one pod for a whole week, meanwhile, others buy a new pod every day. Everyone has their own smoking habits and preferences, so the average duration of pod life varies.

The pod contains about 0.7 ml of smoking substance and is designed for 200 puffs. One pod per day is completely enough for a person who usually smoked a pack of cigarettes. In case you need more pods a day to be satisfied, try smoking a pod with higher nicotine content. Are no official JUUL pods right for you? There is a possibility to buy a liquid from another manufacturer, or mix the liquid by yourself and refill the pod.

JUUL vs. Cigarettes?

Considering giving up smoking cigarettes and switching to JUUL, people are wondering about the price difference. The manufacturers of the JUUL device claim that by smoking JUUL, instead of cigarettes, you will save more than $152 a month. Here it is important to consider the fact that smoking JUUL it is okay to take several puffs. JUUL smokers usually take 5-7 puffs. When smoking a cigarette, right after you light one, you do not have an option to stop whenever you want. So, because you can only take a couple of puffs, JUUL seems to be more advantageous.

How Long Does a JUUL Pod Last in Storage?

Although there is no expiration date on the JUUL pod package, the manufacturer recommends, to keep your JUUL in storage maximum for a year. Still, there are some precautions. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight, too high, or low temperatures. Try to keep it in a dry place as well.


JUUL pods can be stored for a long time in a closed form. Using JUUL you can extend the life of the pod as much as you like. One pod with 5.0% nicotine per day should be enough for even the heaviest smoker. If not, then you can refill the pod by yourself (with ready-made mixtures or homemade).