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How to Clean JUUL?

How to Clean JUUL?

If your JUUL does not release the flavor or the liquid leaks, don’t rush to throw it away. It will be enough to just clean it. Cleaning JUUL on the regular basis helps to increase the quality of your device and even save battery life. You can totally do it by yourself without any fancy implements. Here is the guide on how to do it.

How JUUL Works?

To properly clean your JUUL without any damages, it is important to know how it works. So, the JUUL is a vaporizer that consists of 3 parts: a pod, a JUUL device, and a USB charging dock.

How JUUL Works?

The pod is inserted in a special hole in the JUUL device, which is held in it by clamps. No special set up required – at the first draw, JUUL automatically activates and supplies the right amount of energy to heat up the coil of the pod. So, the process of smoking looks like that.

A JUUL battery is connected with a JUUL pod through spring-loaded pins. Battery charges via USB at the bottom of the device, and it takes up about 80 percent of the whole device.

Why Is It Important to Clean JUUL?

Cleaning is a basic procedure that every vaporizer requires. A neglected vaporizer may malfunction and may be permanently damaged.
The most important factor why you should keep your JUUL clean is hygiene. JUUL is used daily, so it collects a lot of bacteria on itself. It’s been literally everywhere in a day: in your pocket, on a dusty table, or you just touch it with your dirty hands. Since JUUL is the kind of device which contacts the oral cavity it is very important to wipe the top part of the pod to prevent various diseases.

Why Is It Important to Clean JUUL?

For example, it is a very common situation when you show your friend what a cool device you have and he/she asks to try your JUUL. Of course, better not to share your vaporizer with others because this increases the likelihood of spreading various bacteria. So, better if you refuse your friend, but if not, it is very important to disinfect JUUL thoroughly.

The next factor is battery and pod condition. As I said, JUUL is a very often used device. Thereby a lot of dust gets inside. Because of dust, the contacts may not match, and it will be difficult to smoke. The device sometimes leaks and if you do not clean it for a long time, the liquid can damage the battery, thus disable your device.

And the last factor is taste aspects. These are also undoubtedly important. If e-liquid is fine, the amount of vapor is kept at a level, the battery is charged, and the vaping stopped delivering a pleasant taste sensation, you should also think about cleaning. Because you do not clean JUUL for a long time, condensate in the vapor path can have a negative effect on the taste of the vapor and the airflow as well.

Materials You’ll Need to Clean JUUL

These 4 things, which most of us have at home is all you need to clean JUUL:

  • Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol;
  • Tweezers;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Microfiber cloth or any lens cleaning cloth.

When cleaning, completely disassemble the device and spread all its parts on a piece of clean cloth or a paper napkin.

Cleaning Pod

If the pod is inserted, remove it first. Then slightly wet cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol and wipe the top part of the pod thoroughly. You should repeat this procedure as regularly as you can. If there is no rubbing alcohol or cotton swabs nearby, just wipe the pod with the paper napkin.

Cleaning JUUL Pod

To clean the bottom part, you need to take a dry cotton swab and wipe the bottom part of the pod. If you`ve never dealt with leaking pods, that’s all you need to do as for pods, otherwise, check the following subparagraph.

Cleaning the Outdated Dirt

If the JUUL pods leaked at least once and more, you should probably do this kind of cleaning. The problem is when e-liquid leaks and gets to the pod chamber. Because JUUL liquid is sticky, it collects a bunch of dirt. When the liquid leaks too often it gets is a big chance to enter the inside part of the device, where the battery is. Although there is rubber to protect the battery, the JUUL liquid is a very slippery substrate, so it may cause some problems.

Wipe the e-liquid from the JUUL surface with a dry cotton swab. Repeat it until the swab will be clean and dry after the cleaning procedure.

To clean the outdated dirt from the pod compartment, you need tweezers. Just clean the dirt with the tweezers very carefully. If the grime is too old, and it’s not possible to do it with tweezers only, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Slightly wet a cotton swab in alcohol and rub the swab over the dirt.

Cleaning Pod Chamber

Cleaning the chamber is the most basic thing. Bacteria and fungi can easily accumulate in the chamber, so it is important to disinfect this area.

But before starting, general note: if cleaning is done with isopropyl alcohol, firstly do it in a well-ventilated area and secondly avoid any sources of fire. Isopropyl alcohol volatiles easily, and it is very flammable. So, if there are a lot of fumes, no ventilation, and a spark goes off, it could be really dangerous. The use of latex gloves is also recommended because they can be irritating to your skin. Remember, that first – safety.

Cleaning JUUL Pod Chamber

Isopropyl alcohol is an excellent cleaner for electronics because it is inexpensive and evaporates quickly. Compared to other cleaners used for similar purposes, alcohol contains fewer chemicals. It is important that the isopropyl alcohol concentration is 90% or more. But you can use rubbing alcohol as well.

To clean the chamber, make sure the JUUL pod is removed. Then pour a small amount of alcohol into a glass beaker or any other vessel. Take a cotton swab and soak a little in alcohol. It is very important to dry the excess alcohol on the cotton swab with a paper towel so that it is damp, but not wet.

Wipe the chamber and clean around the metal pins without pressing on them. Do it very carefully, so the metal pins would not be damaged. The dirt should start to peel off, which can be easily seen by checking the color of the stick. Keep cleaning it until there is no more dirt on the tip of the cotton swab. To get rid of the moisture, use the dry tip of the cotton swab.

How Often Should JUUL Be Cleaned?

It is essential to always clean the vaporizer chamber upside down. Why? Because when we clean normally, if there is too much alcohol on the cotton swab, it will leak, for example, through the diodes in the bottom of the chamber and get inside the device, which can potentially damage the vaporizer. Therefore, always clean upside down, then you can be sure that even if there is too much alcohol on the swab, then its excess will simply leak out on the outside or on the swab, and it will not leak inside the device.

If the isopropyl alcohol was used, once the chamber is cleaned, you have to leave the vaporizer for a few hours for the residual alcohol to dry out before proceeding to the next step.

Cleaning Battery

All you need here is a microfiber cloth or sunglasses lens cleaning cloth. Take the fabric and gently wipe the outer surface of the JUUL battery.

Why is it better to use exactly microfiber fabric? The microfiber surface penetrates quite well into the smallest openings of the objects to be treated and traps moisture, dust, and even some microorganisms, holding them securely inside the fibers.

Cleaning Charging Contacts

As we already noticed, JUUL is with its owner everywhere, and the most common place to keep it is pocket. Being in a pocket JUUL collects a lot of lint from clothing or other small pieces of rubbish.

Use the cotton swab and a little amount of rubbing alcohol to rub the contacts. You can also use isopropyl alcohol as it is safer for metal, but do not forget about the precautionary measures. Rub the contacts until they are shiny and clean. In neglected cases, use your tweezers to remove the dirt. But remember: do it very gently not to scratch the contacts.

In turn, the charger should be cleaned as well. As the JUUL is a magnetic device, that is, there is a built-in magnet because of which the device carefully attaches to the charger, so it works. Despite this being very useful and convenient, this also creates additional problems. The magnet built into the charger can attract small pieces of metallic debris that can interfere with the charging process, or worse, damage the charger. To avoid having to buy a new charger or have it serviced in the future, please clean the charger now.

As always, use the cotton swab to remove a speck of unnecessary dirt, when necessary, dampen a swab slightly with a little amount of alcohol. If alcohol was used, use the microfiber cloth or paper napkin to dry it after.

How Often Should JUUL Be Cleaned?

Vaporizers, like any frequently used device, do need regular cleaning. This will not only make it more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe to use, but it will also save you from unplanned expenses, as cleaning will extend the life of the device.

Remember that proper and regular cleaning is the basis for using an e-cigarette. Regular hygiene of our vaporizer keeps it safe and avoids unwanted bacteria and fungi.

Some JUUL  helpful tips

JUUL requires care and cleaning on a regular basis, so it should be cleaned even without any direct signs that such a need has come. Ideally, JUUL should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, cleaning all the details described above.

Some helpful tips

To summarize, here are some helpful tips to extend the life of your device.

  • It is desirable to refuse the usage of JUUL at the street in severe frost, as the accumulated condensate will quickly put its electrical circuit out of order;
  • Avoid contamination, overcharging, and over-discharging of the battery;
  • Do not leave the device discharged for long periods of time;
  • Pay special attention to the bottom of the JUUL pod. If the liquid is leaking, try to wipe the surface of the pod several times a day, depending on the amount of liquid.

It is very common for JUUL users to experience the problem of leaking pods. This is quite possible and normal when using the device. To avoid this, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use:

  • Do a gentle tightening;
  • Do not apply excessive pressure to the JUUL pod when using it;
  • Do not squeeze the pod hard with your lips;
  • Do not squeeze the cartridge excessively while inserting it.

Also, remember to use only a good-working charger. If the charger is damaged, it is recommended to repair it or buy a new one.