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How to Take Apart a Disposable Vape Pen?

How to Take Apart a Disposable Vape Pen?

A lot of users get easily angry when disposable vape pens do not work. It often happens when you plan to relax and smoke but the vape has stopped working. It is an unforeseen issue that you cannot be ready for. It is a sad fact that vape vaporizers have those issues. Sometimes it is just very annoying. Here you will learn about the common reasons why vapor pens stop working and how you can take it apart.

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Taking Apart Disposable Vapor Pen

If you are so excited to get to know what is inside of a disposable vapor pen, then you should not rush. These vapors are quite small and they often are not made of very sturdy materials. However, from the beginning, you need to find the answer to why you want to do that. Just from their name, you can understand that they are meant to be disposed of. Still, if you want to fix them there are some options that you can try.

Nevertheless, even after fixing, vapor pens may not work as long as you wish. Thus, you should be ready to not get too disappointed.

When Disposable Vapor Pens Should Be Fixed?

In most cases, these vapors end in dustbins when their performance comes to an end. When they stop before that time, you can fix them. In the beginning, it is important to figure out the problem and its reason.

Reasons for Vapor Pen Malfunctioning

Any vapor pen often has some issues that appear later after purchase. You simply ignore or adjust to them. Sometimes the vapors are not of the proper density but you still keep using such a pen. The reason for different problems varies from manufacturer quality control to the way you keep and use vapor pens.

Not Turning On

Sometimes your vaporizers just stop working, even when there is still enough filler. You can try to make five or three clicks on the power button. That can help to turn them on. Thus, you should do that in the beginning and press very quickly. You should also repeat doing that several times. Nevertheless, that may be not the issue.

Another reason is the charge. If it is too low it may not turn on. However, it is difficult to do that as disposable pens do not always have power indicators. Most vaporizers have in-built batteries. They have a certain limit of working hours. It may happen that you received a pen with a low-quality battery in the beginning and it has discharged quickly. Inside of vapor pens, you can find a thread on a chamber with filler and battery. They are very delicate components. If they are not properly connected you will not be able to turn on the vapor pen. With this issue, you may want to take apart a vape pen to fix it.

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Thin Vapor or None at All

Vaping is about tasting delicious vapor. It can get very thin due to various issues. It includes low temperature. If the filler is not properly heated, there will not be much vapor. In case the temperature is too high you receive plenty of vapes to enjoy. Another reason is the filler. If the vape pen has not much of it, vapor will be thin. It is necessary to mention that there is also temperature control, which may malfunction.

In case you have issues here you will not be able to do much with the inbuilt heater. It takes time and effort to fix. Repairing the heating of disposable vape pens is complicated as they are cheap and are not very suitable for repairing.

Vape Concentration

Some customers have issues with concentrate vapes. Nevertheless, you should not worry too much about it. Something to be too worried about. First, it is possible that the coil or atomizer is not working properly. The other one is the battery life. However, you can get around that if you make sure that the battery is new.

Taking Apart Disposable Vape Pen

Checking Fluid Level

At the beginning of defining the reason to take apart a disposable vapor pen, you should check its fluid level. You can do that by looking at a small transparent window. Sometimes, it can be hidden and you need to unwrap the foil of coating of your vapor pen. In case your model does not have such a window, you can simply toss the pen. You will be able to feel or even hear if the pen has something or not.

Removing Battery

Disposable vapor pens can be stored in different conditions. Because of cold temperatures, built-in batteries may dry out and do not produce any power to enjoy vapors. You can also check its charge level by the LED indicator. After that by using small driver heads, you can dismantle the box mod to take out the battery. Then, by connecting to some other devices, you can check its condition. If there are no results, you can dispose of it, but remember how to do it safely.

Dealing with Burn Taste

One of the reasons why people like disposable vapor pens is the flavor. You can find various tastes to enjoy vapors. The reason why flavor can become bitter and burn is the too high temperature, which depends on coil quality and type. In this matter, you can use a hex key to open a vapor pen. Here is when you need to be very careful. If you damage it, there may appear a burnt smell and melting. If the vapor pen gets hotter, then throw it away or cover it with something metal to protect yourself.

Batteries in vapes are often made with a layered foil of some metals or liquid to store energy. In such ways, you will be able to fix it. In case your battery is a lithium one, then you will not be able to repair the vapor pen.

To Sum Up

It is not that difficult to take apart disposable vapor pens. When it comes to bringing everything together, it is more complicated. Thus, while performing fixing you should try to keep the build of the same size. It will allow you to put everything back to its original housing.